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A Wednesday well spent: Anas Uddin's Lexus IS300

It's Wednesday the 25th of November, the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone is out rushing around going from one place to the next trying to prepare for the festivities that are happening tomorrow. People are grabbing last minute turkeys, sides, and drinks for a day of laughs and good food. The weather is fair, a cool overcast November day. While most people are thinking about the holidays, Anas and I are working out the time and place for a shoot of his beautiful Lexus IS300. After some back and forth conversation, we come up with a location that's fitting.

There's something amazing about being a car enthusiast. The ability to know someone not only by their name, but by what car they drive. It's an instant connection that can't be replicated. I have yet to find a passion that links strangers together so easily. The ability to sit and talk about a subject for hours on end with the best of friends is what it's all about.

I first met Anas through work, but we didn't become good friends until we found out we shared a common passion of cars. Specifically cars of the clean sort. His Lexus IS300 is just that. With the stance set just right, the car gives out a certain presence that will grab the eye of any onlooker. Rolling on a set of custom powder coated 18x10 3 piece SSR SP3's and Falken 453's, the wheels are a perfect fit for the car. To make the wheels sit just right, the car is lowered on a set of Megan coilovers. It doesn't stop there though, as the car is sporting some rare parts.

The front of the car is fitted with an authentic TRD NEO V1 front bumper which is connected to a set of TRD sideskirts and Chargespeed rear bumper. A nice addition to the already flowing body lines of the IS300. Anas couldn't leave it at just that though, he had a set of one-off custom fender flares worked into the body to accentuate the perfect fitment.

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